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Jixiangzhao Door

Add: Liuheyuan Management District, Jiangling County, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, China
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About Us

Hubei Jixiangzhao Door Industry Co., a large enterprise that engages in designing and manufacturing solid wood painting door, solid wood line, solid wood composite line, steel exterior entry door, steel security door, steel wood suite door, talkback door of buildings, etc.

Solid wood doors is an ideal selection for home, villa, apartment and other occasions for having features like advanced technology, luxurious appearance, sturdy and durable, simple installation, corrosion prevention, etc. The company has introduced advanced foreign water-proof solid wood line and cladding line technologies and has developed new-model water-proof solid wood line with such advantages as healthy and environmental protection, no deformation, no crack, less manpower and materials, etc. based on innovation and R&D.

The company has achieved long-term development based on advanced technologies, scientific and serious management, top-grade product quality and perfect service since it was founded in 2001. At present, it has developed into an enterprise with 200 employees, modern workshop covering 20,000 sqm, NC equipment and production line, computer network management system, and highly-qualified management team. Jixiangzhao takes "talent, technology, scale and benefit" as enterprise core and it implements standardized management.

Faced with fierce market competition, Jixiangzhao is unique in the market and more influential on the basis of strong capital advantage, advancing operation principle and advanced production technology.


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